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How to Match the Backdrop Color with Your Wedding Theme

How to Match the Backdrop Color with Your Wedding Theme

As you know,the decoration material is more important for your wedding, especially the background, it has a large size, and also has a significant to  feature to all guests. We hope that this will make your wedding even more fantasical!

Discuss with the Wedding Planner

The planner has enough experience in wedding decoration,

sometimes they would like to share some details which are easy to ignore.

For example, Whether there is enough space and equipment at the wedding venue to arrange the backdrop,

if you get an answer, then you could start to discuss the backdrop color.

*Find inspiration from social media

If you use youtube, you may find a lot of useful videos for your design,

could use "wedding backdrop decoration ideas" as the search term.

Also, you could use Instagram and Pinterest,

could use "wedding backdrop design" or "wedding background decoration" as the search term.

*Consider different color combinations

Sometimes, if you use 2 or more colors together,

There may be unexpected effects.

*Consider factors such as quantity, Field size, indoor or outdoor

If there are more than 100 guests,

maybe you need to consider using 2 or more;

In the meantime, the backdrop size is 10 x 10 ft,

you can estimate the field size and theme design, then you may have a decision;

When you consider outdoor or indoor for your wedding event,transparency is an important factor.

As our experience,If you consider using a background light source indoors,
the light transmittance of the white background fabric will be higher.
Use the background cloth outdoors in a well-lit environment, even if the light passing rate is high, sometimes the effect is still surprisingly good.


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