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Capture Eternal Moments - Where to Find the Best Free Wedding Photo Backdrops in South San Jose's 95138 Zip Code

Capture Eternal Moments - Where to Find the Best Free Wedding Photo Backdrops in South San Jose's 95138 Zip Code

  In South San Jose, there is a breathtaking wedding venue called WedgeWood Weddings. After our exploration, we discovered that it not only offers stunning scenery but also an exceptional free photoshoot location. Today, we would like to introduce it to you.

  To reach this wedding venue, there are two routes available. Route A takes you through the 101 highway, entering Yerba Buena Road. Along the way, you can enjoy the scenic drive through the beautiful golf course community. Route B allows direct access to WedgeWood Weddings via Hassler Pkwy.

              Part 1: The Range Golf Club Porth (For Free)

If you choose Route A, as you prepare to enter Hassler Pkwy towards The Range Golf Club, you will come across a highlight we want to emphasize—the entrance of The Range Golf Club.

the range golf club in san jose

  On both sides of the entrance, you will find lush and well-maintained lawns, flourishing trees, and distinct stone walls. It is an absolutely perfect location for wedding photoshoots, and the best part is, it's FREE

free wedding background in san jose

  If you decide to have your bridal photos taken here, you will need to address parking. We suggest considering parking on Whitetail Ln and walking to the photoshoot spot. Just keep in mind that this location tends to be quite popular, so it's better to arrive early for parking!free wedding background in san jose


               Part 2: The Wedgewood Weddings (Not Free)

Continuing approximately 1 mile after The Range Golf Club, on your left-hand side, you will spot a sign for "Wedgewood Weddings." Once you enter, you'll find ample parking spaces on both sides. It can accommodate more than 100 vehicles. As you proceed further, you'll reach the reception hall (yellow building in the picture) and the wedding ceremony area (white section in the picture). It's a great choice for hosting significant moments in life.

wedding venue san jose 95138


             Part 3: The Range Golf Club House (Not Free)

After leaving the wedding venue, you can turn left onto Hassler Pkwy. By continuing straight, you will directly access the 101 highway. Along the way, you will come across another peaceful restaurant—The Range Golf Club. If you are looking for a quiet gathering with friends or business partners, this is an excellent option.

the range golf club

After wrapping up an intense wedding photoshoot, hosting your well-wishing friends and family, and enjoying a delightful dinner with business partners, you can head onto the 101 highway, marking the end of an unforgettable day!



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