12" * 108" Baby Blue Satin Table Runner

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When choosing a table runner, consider the following to select the right color:


  1. Match the runner to your table: If your table is made of dark wood, choose a runner in a darker shade to complement it. If your table is lighter in color, choose a runner in a lighter shade to match.
  2. Consider the wall color: If your dining room has a neutral wall color, you can choose a runner in a contrasting color for a pop of visual interest. If your walls are a bold color, choose a runner in a neutral shade to balance the space.
  3. Coordinate with your dinnerware: If you have a set of colorful plates, choose a runner in a complementary color to enhance the look. If your dinnerware is neutral, choose a runner in a bold shade to add some contrast.
  4. Think about the occasion: For special occasions like holidays or events, choose a runner in a festive color that matches the occasion. For everyday use, choose a runner in a neutral shade that can easily be coordinated with any decor.

collocation effect:

*Tablecloth Size: 60 x 102 inch

*Tablecloth Size : 60 x 128 inch


  • DIMENSION: 12" width x 108" length MATERIAL: 100% polyester Satin Fabric
  • APPLICABLE OCCASIONS: Weddings, Engagements, Birthday, Graduation, Celebration, Banquet, etc. it is a beautiful accessory to any table or buffet server. Stain table runner decorated for any occasion brings a sense of low-key luxuriance. THE POLYESTER SATIN FABRIC is perfect for modern chic, seaside, lawn, originality wedding decoration, or any other special occasion. A Set of ten colors takes your fancy and supplies as many choices as you like
  • LAUNDRY GUIDE. Hand Washes only. Hang Dry, Please Don't Use Dryer To Ensure Long-Lasting Reuse. Spot clean or dry clean in cold water with mild detergent. Do not machine wash. Blot dry with a towel. Do not twist, wring, squeeze, or tumble dry.WARNING: To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep the plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use the plastic bag in cribs, carriages or playpens
  • WE SUGGEST THE CUSTOMERS USE THE STEAM IRON. The steam iron is used to get wrinkles away before it's used. It will make your party. It will make you have a fantastic party